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3 tips for getting a tattoo if you’re dark skinned

While there’s plenty of advice out there for white people getting tattoos, there’s not much for those with a higher melanin content.

People from African, Indian and Pacifica backgrounds are often forgotten about when it comes to information about getting a tattoo.

We’ve put together this short article to explain a couple of things about getting ink when you’ve got darker skin.

Make a consultation first

Good advice for anyone getting a tattoo, regardless of skin colour. Talking to your tattoo artist before going under the needle is always a good idea.

By booking a consultation, you can get a better feeling of what’s possible and understand the limitations involved.

If you have darker skin, your initial idea might not be plausible, or won’t come out as you’re expecting. Talk to your artist first, they are the ones with the experience, and can help you make the right choice.

Avoid lighter colours

Despite what bullshit you may read on the internet, there are NO special inks for dark skin. Tattoo ink isn’t made for skin types, but the quality of the ink can vary widely.

Tattoo ink is generally translucent, so the skin underneath will show through. This means, the darker your skin, then less lighter-colours will show.

Black or grey ink usually works best on darker skin, evidenced by this cool MF.

Genetics can affect scar tissue

If you're of African ancestry, your skin may be prone to keloids, which is an overgrowth of scar tissue.

Knowing whether or not you are prone to keloids can help before getting a tattoo, as your artist may need to use different techniques to limit the scar tissue, including reducing power to the tattoo gun, and not going over the same area twice.


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Questions you've probably answered if you have tattoos

If you’re big into your ink, then you’ll know that people asking you about your tattoos is nothing new. Some are genuinely interested, others use it as a passive-aggressive way to show their disapproval. Check out some of the most common questions those with tattoos are asked, and the most common responses.

Did they hurt?

Well, yes, probably. Being stabbed repeatedly tends to hurt. But here’s the thing- pain is subjective. What makes someone wail like a Banshee might not even be noticed by someone else. And where you get a tattoo is also a big factor in how painful it is. Where the skin is thin tends to hurt more than the meatier part of the body.

What do they mean?

It’s a tough question to answer because people without tattoos expect them to have some sort of deep and personal meaning. The problem is, if they do, then it’s personal, and if they don’t, then the person asking the question thinks you’re an idiot. Some tattoos can represent an important time in a person’s life, or a loved one that’s maybe passed away. Other tattoos may be the result of a drunken night out. Either way, if feel yourself wanting to ask someone this question, it’s probably best you think carefully first.

Do you regret them?

Nine times out of ten the answer will be no. Obviously, there’s always one or two decisions in our youth that we look back on with incredulity. Some people get tattoos of their significant other, only to find out their significant other wasn’t that significant. Others were just too young to know what they wanted for a tattoo or why. These cases tend to be the exception, rather than the rule, so overall, no, people don’t regret them.


If you have any questions about tattoos, give the team at Sunset Studio a shout. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Just don’t ask us what our tattoos mean.

FAQ’s about tattoos!

If you’ve never had a tattoo before and are considering getting one, then you’ll probably have some questions. It can be a daunting experience going to your first tattoo studio, and that’s why we’ve put together this short list of the most common questions asked when it comes to tattoos and tattoo designs.

Does it hurt?

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when thinking of getting a tattoo. The short answer is, yes, probably. Although a lot of that depends on you and your attitude. Pain is subjective, and some people have a higher threshold than others. If you’re ready for some serious ink, then the pain itself will be part of the experience, and how you feel about it will determine how painful it is. 

What design should I get?

Well that’s up to you! Many people get tattoos for many reasons, each one personal and meaningful to them. If you know you want a tattoo design, but are not sure what to get, pop into the studio and have a chat with us. We can help point you in the right direction and at least give you some ideas to think about.  

How long will it take?

Again, this is obviously dependent on individual tattoos. The size, detail and shading of the tattoo will all factor into how long the job will take. We can give you an estimate once you’ve picked a tattoo design. 

What if I don’t like it?

Well, it’s not the end of the world, so don’t panic. If you end up with a tattoo design you’re not happy with, then you have a few options. There’s always the possibility that you can cover it up with a design you do like, you can add to it, or as a last resort, you can have tattoo laser removal. The trick here is to make sure you’re happy with the design in the first place!

How much does it cost?

All tattoos are different, and much like the time it takes to complete, the price is largely determined on the design. The size, colour and detail of the design all play a factor in the final price of tattoos. 

How long does it take to heal?

Tattoos can take 1-2 weeks to heal. You will receive aftercare products and directions on how to best care for your tattoo from us. We also recommend you keep new tattoos out of direct sunlight for about six weeks.