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Remember your New Zealand trip with a Maori Tattoo!

New Zealand is arguably the most beautiful place  in the world, with very few other countries able to match our sheer diversity when it comes to natural landscape. From the North with its sub-tropical rainforests, down to the South and its frozen glaciers, Aotearoa is a natural wonderland. 

It's no surprise then that we attract millions of tourists each year: almost 3 million in 2014. Bearing in mind that New Zealand only has a population of 4.5 million, that's two thirds of the country! 

Many of these tourists want something to remember their fantastic trip by, and they need something more sentimental than a fridge magnet. That's where we come in. A Maori tattoo is the perfect memento of New Zealand. It's a unique part of our culture, signifies a special time in your life, and of course, looks fucking awesome. 

Tristan is our resident artist who specialises in Maori tattoos and Pacifica designs. Being Maori himself, and studying at the New Zealand Maori Arts & Crafts Institute, he understands the meaning, complexity and history behind genuine Maori tattoos. If you're interested in an authentic Maori tattoo, then this is the man to talk to.

Call us today to book your consultation, or drop us an email if you plan on coming to Auckland and would like to leave with something special. For Maori tattoo design, there's simply no one better to come to.

Looking for a Maori tattoo design? Come see us.

If you’re interested in getting a Maori tattoo design, then you should come see Tristan at Sunset Tattoo.

Tristan is of Te Rarawa descent, from the Hokianga in the far north. He graduated from the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts institute in 2014 with a diploma in Whakairo Rakau (traditional wood carving). Not long before Tristan graduated, he approached Tom about learning the craft of tattooing and bringing his knowledge of carving and Maori art over to the medium. Tristan is now tattooing full time with Sunset, and specializes in Ta Moko, Blackwork, pattern work, geometric and dot-work tattoo styles.

When researching your Maori tattoo design, it’s a good idea to come talk to Tristan first. A little knowledge about Maori culture and Maori tattoo design will help you make an informed choice about what it is you want. The art of tattooing is a rich and historic part of Maori culture, and is therefore deserving of respect. In Cultural terms, each Maori tattoo design had a deeper meaning, represented a milestone, or told its own story.

The original tattooing method consisted of cutting into the skin, rather than inking the top layers. This method has been documented as one of the oldest in the world, going back generations. Today it isn’t quite as painful or dangerous, and people don’t need to be heading off to war in order to get one. Maori tattoo design are more popular than ever, with more and more complex patterns and designs adorning everyone from housewives to CEOs.

So if you’re interested in a Maori tattoo design, come and see us at Sunset Tattoo. Book an appointment with Tristan, even if it’s just for a chat about your options. Our studio is relaxed, cosy and clean; everything you want in a tattoo studio.