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Sunset Tattoo welcomes Spanish artist Miguel!

Sunset Tattoo are honoured to announce we’ll be having a new guest artist joining us in April.

M13tattoo, otherwise known as Miguel, is a Spanish artist who has been tattooing for almost 3 decades.

Miguel is a well-travelled man, and has been on the road tattooing thousands of people since 1996!

His travels have seen him in dozens of countries, but now he’s here in New Zealand and we’re lucky enough to have him at Sunset.

Miguel’s Script Style

Miguel is an expert in script tattoos, and is top of his field with Chicago Style.

The script style of tattoo lettering is designed to imitate polished handwriting in a cursive style.

Tattoo script is often delicate and can be difficult to produce for an artists who isn’t especially experienced.

Much like calligraphy, tattooing script takes a lot of practice and a fluidity that doesn’t always come natural.

This is where Miguel’s 30 years of practice come in handy.

The Great Auckland Flash Party

Miguel happens to be here at the same time we’re having our second Great Auckland Flash Party!

On Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of April, we’ll be taking walk-in’s from the street. You can walk in, pick a tattoo off the wall, and we’ll do it at a reduced price.

Or book ahead with your favourite artist. Some of these guys are booked months ahead or live in different cities so it’s a great opportunity to get an affordable one-off tattoo.

Every time we do this it gets more fun, bigger, and better. Get in quick or miss out!

You can check out Miguel’s work here, or hit him up on Instagram and Facebook.