5 inspirational ideas for a great tiger tattoo

Everyone loves tigers.

Like seriously, everyone.

And not only are they cool as fuck, but they look great in a tattoo. In fact, just by their sheer awesomeness, it’s hard to make a tiger look uncool.

If you’re in love with our endangered feline friends, then a tattoo is a great way to show it.

We’ve found 5 different styles you can consider, and as always, credit goes to the original artists.

Photo realistic tiger tattoo

Ok, let’s start with the obvious point - this looks fucking amazing.

Photo-realistic tattoos have their advantages and disadvantages, but one of a beautiful tiger will almost certainly stand the test of time and be worth the many hours in the chair it will take to complete.


Traditional Tiger Tattoo

Tigers are an old favourite of the tattoo artist, and traditional tiger tattoos come in many forms. Even one sitting in a bowl of Ramen Noodles, like this one from our very own Tom Tom.


Japanese Tiger Tattoo

The Japanese have a wonderful fascination with tigers, even though they’re not native to the country. The closest is the Siberian Tiger across the water and hundreds of miles away, but that never stopped Japanese artists from depicting them every chance they got, which is why sometimes, they look a bit… funny.


The Eye of the Tiger

This tattoo is very popular along the forearm, but the one below take the black and white format and adds a little splash of colour with the eyes, resulting in something special.


Tiger cub tattoo

Oh my god look at him! Look how cute he is! Ahhhhhh!!!