10 of the best Pride tattoos for Pride Month

As we come to the close of Pride Month, we’ve scoured the internet for 10 of the best Pride tattoos out there. As usual, all credit goes to the original artists.

  1. Love is all you need.


Let’s start with the obvious thing that needs stated, everyone deserves the right to love and be loved. If you don’t agree with that, fuck off.

2. Couples Tattoo


Once you’ve finally found that significant other, let the world know by getting matching tattoos! Because we all know gay couple’s never break up. :)

3. A rose by any other name


This gorgeous rainbow rose doesn’t necessarily have to be about gay pride, but it certainly looks the part!

4. For the gay musicians out there


Combining your passion with your identity is a great idea for a tattoo.

5. Just as nature intended


It doesn’t always have to be rainbow colours to proclaim your true identity, a simple, yet perfect sentence can send the same message loud and clear.

6. Minimalist tats


We love this simple, small, yet effective pride tattoo.

7. Was Batman gay?


We’re not saying Batman was gay, but he did spend a lot of time running around in tights and a mask, playing with a teenage boy.

8. Traditional Gay


Of course, we couldn’t have our list with Sunset’s speciality; traditional tattoos.

9. Gay Angels


This absolutely stunning tattoo not only represents gay pride, but looks fucking amazing!

10. Gay dinosaurs


No one knows for sure if dinosaurs were gay, but until scientists prove otherwise, we’re betting that’s why they became extinct.