Welcome Fern to the Sunset Family!

We are super excited to welcome Fern Ngatai to Sunset Tattoo as the shop apprentice!

Fern has been working hard behind the scenes to get herself up to scratch and is ready to tattoo people at a great apprentice price.

Working closely under Manawa Tapu she will be studying Ta Moko and Maori art and is looking for people who want to jump in and help her learning process while getting themselves some brand new tattoos!

Ferns apprentice price for a limited time will be $80 per session! So get down quick and get yourself an awesome tattoo from one of the industry’s future stars.

Email info@sunsettattoo.co.nz to make a booking, and give Fern a follow on Instagram @flows_by_rau

Maori and Tribal tattoos at Sunset

Fern is lucky to be under one of Auckland’s most respect artists specialising in Maori tattoos, Manawa Tapu.

Manawa is of Te Rarawa descent, from Hokianga in the Northland, and understands the meaning, complexity and history behind genuine Maori tattoos.

With his diploma in traditional wood carving (Whakairo Rakau), he specializes in Ta Moko, Blackwork, pattern work, geometric and dot-work tattoo styles.

It’s safe to say Fern is in good hands.

If you would like a beautiful, unique Maori tattoo, then come and see us here at Sunset.