Flash event for a great cause!

On Sunday, June 9th at Sunset Tattoo, our artists Magali Corpas, Milky and our apprentice Horiyama will be participating in a worldwide flash event called Still Not Asking For It.

All the proceeds will be donated to our charity of choice, the Women’s Refuge. Please feel free to come down and get tattooed and support this great cause!

A great cause

Still Not Asking For It is a global flash event and fundraiser, born in 2015 to raise awareness and visibility for sexual abuse and assault victims.

Back in October of 2015, tattoo artist Ashley Love was feeling “desperate to make a statement” about the industry she was living and working in. A year earlier she’d been sexually assaulted by a co-worker who she’d considered a friend.

The assault was traumatic, but so was the way her community reacted to it. To her, people seemed more concerned with excusing the behavior of the man who assaulted her for the sake of his comfort than with creating an environment that felt safe for her. She decided to take action.

“Hosting a fundraising tattoo flash event seemed like the perfect way to gather the tattooers who cared, and raise money to help support the battle against sexual violence at the same time… [it] also proved to be extremely healing and empowering,” says Love. Her event, Still Not Asking For It, has been running in tattoo shops across the US ever since.

Since its conception, Still Not Asking For It has raised over to $350,000 to aid survivors in their recovery process.