Six of the best Game of Thrones tattoo ideas

Well, after almost a decade, this weekend sees the last ever episode of Game of Thrones. And despite the scriptwriters driving off a cliff since they ran out of source material, the final episode will be watched by millions around the world, as one of televisions’ greatest ever shows comes to an end.

To commemorate this watershed moment of pop culture, we’ve picked out 6 of the best Game of Thrones tattoos from the internet, just in case you want to explain to your kids in 20 years what the fuck a Khaleesi is.

House Sigils


Each of the great houses in Westeros has its own sigil and motto, with this rocket taking a liking to House Targaryen. Then again, three dragons do look pretty cool.

Speaking of dragons


This minimalist tattoo looks great, with Emilia Clarke herself having something similar on her wrist. But then again, she is the Mother of Dragons. You’re not.

The Hand of The King

hand of thet king.jpg

The Hand of the King is perhaps the most important job in all the land. As the saying goes “What the king dreams, the Hand builds," but the lowborn say, "The king eats, and the Hand takes the shit."

Photorealistic Jon Snow


We couldn’t compile this list without having a stunning photorealistic piece, and this one of Jon Snow (who, incidentally, knows nothing) is a beaut. The little red specks of blood really add to the overall effect. Gorgeous.

Traditional style Game of Thrones Tattoo


Winter didn’t just come, it arrived, it stayed and everyone’s bloody freezing. This great wee tattoo takes House Starks words and gives it new life in a traditional form.




Hodor, Hodor.