5 of the best ANZAC tattoos

It’s with the utmost respect we write this blog post celebrating the memory of those who have fallen defending our freedom.

ANZAC Day is a moment to pause and take stock of where we are as a people, and how we came to be here. Some of us choose to remember family, friends or comrades with a permanent reminder, and it is in this vein we have found 5 of the best ANZAC tattoos from around the web.

The Kiwi Fern


This beautiful tattoo is as simple has it is though-provoking. Silhouettes of soldiers making up the shape of New Zealand’s national symbol has a resonance which transcends words.

The Somme Soldier


There’s a good chance you recognise this image, as it’ has been used as a symbol of remembrance for decades. Originally used to commemorate those killed at the Somme in World War I, it’s now used for all soldiers who have died in conflict.

Australia and New Zealand together


ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Armed Corps, and while the two countries have a friendly, sibling rivalry, they will always be united in their sacrifice.

Lest we forget


Robert Binyon wrote “For the Fallen”, a poem about the start of the Great War. The fourth stanza of the poem is also known as the ‘Ode of Remembrance’., part of which is still used today in Rememberance services around the world and is seen in this tattoo.

The Rising Sun badge


The Rising Sun badge, also known as the General Service Badge or the Australian Army Badge, is the official insignia of the Australian Army and is identified with the spirit of ANZAC, the legend of the Australian soldier (or digger), and the esprit de corps of the Army itself, due to its association with the landings at Gallipoli in 1915. Today, new recruits receive the badge with their initial issue of equipment, which happens within their first three days of enlistment.