The last ever Great Auckland Flash Party!

It’s that time of year again folks!

The Great Auckland Flash Party is on its way again and this will be its final year!

Where and when?

This year’s event will be held over the 5th and 6th of April right here at Sunset Studio - two days of tattoo madness!

As usual, the party is walk-ins only - it’s first come first served! This is your chance to get a new tattoo from one of New Zealand and Australia’s most celebrated artists, who are sometimes booked months in advance.

Doors open at 11am, so get down early to avoid the queues!

How it works

Each artist will put a variety of fresh new line drawings up in the shop, with lower than usual pricing, ranging from around $100-$300.

It’s first come first served, and we have hundreds of line drawings to choose from, so the first people here get a bargain with our special, one-time only, Flash Party prices!

Walk in on the day, pick a design, and get it done - it’s as simple as that!

Which artists are attending?

We have some of the very best tattoo artists in New Zealand and Australia ready and willing to give you a tattoo you’ll love forever.

The team from Sunset will be there of course, including TomTom, Tristan, Mash, Milky, Magali, and Lucky Felix.

Adrian Hing, Daniel Joseph and Habby Tattoo from The Darling Parlour in Sydney will be coming over for the Party, as will Chingy Fringe from the Gold Coast.

Other artists from around New Zealand will be heading to Auckland, including Rohan Skilton and Mike Todd from Monarch Tattoo in Wellington.

Remember, this is the last ever Great Auckland Flash Party, so this is your last chance to grab one of hundreds of designs at special flash day prices!

Don’t forget to check out our Instagram for daily posts of our guest artists work! @sunset_tattoo_nz