New year, new tattoo! Come see us for your next ink

With every passing year we get a wee bit older and a wee bit wiser (hopefully), but for those of us who collect tattoos, it’s another year we can tell a story and add to our collection of ink.

If you’re in New Zealand, then there’s no where better to get a tattoo than right here at Sunset.

Based in the heart of Auckland City, Sunset has a reputation of excellence, honesty and skill, with a long line of satisfied customers behind us.

Our amazing artists specialise in traditional, blackwork, Maori tribalism, and Japanese tattooing. Our focus is on providing customers with the best possible service in a warm, private, sterile environment.

The safest tattoo studio in Auckland

Sunset tattoo studio is a clean, sterile, private and fun environment, which adheres to the strictest health standards.

We always keep our tattoo accessories in the most sterile condition. Before we start working on your tattoo, our tattoo artist will disinfect and shave the area where you want your tattoo.

We do this with disposable razors that we only use once. We will also show you the sealed tattoo needle and open the pouch in front of you.

After we’re finished with your tattoo, we’ll throw the needle out. Each needle is only used once, and you can see this for yourself, putting your mind at rest.

It is likely that your skin will bleed a little when getting a tattoo. That’s why all our tattoo artists are wearing gloves throughout the entire tattooing process. It’s safer for you and for them. You could walk into a hospital and not notice the difference. That’s how clean and hygienic our tattoo studio is!

For a safe, and friendly tattoo experience, visit our Auckland tattoo studio today, or contact us via phone: +64 (9) 376-3423 or drop us an email on: