Backpackers! Come get your memento tattoo to bring home!

Backpackers know the score. Word spreads around hostels and the backpacking routes about where to go and what to do, and word of mouth is spreading about Sunset Tattoo.

More and more of our international guests are coming to see us about a tattoo, wanting a memento of their travels, and it’s all thanks to our outstanding reputation.

New Zealand is the greatest country in the world

There aren’t many better countries in the world to travel around than New Zealand. With our stunning landscapes, friendly citizens, and unique culture, Aotearoa is one of the safest and greatest places to backpack.

Many people want to remember their time here with a permanent souvenir, a tattoo to bring home and show off to friends and family.

Tribal tattoos are all the rage in Europe, but how many people back home can say theirs is an original, Maori design, created by a native Kiwi?

Only people who come to us and see Tristan can!

Tristan can give you a Maori tattoo

From Hokianga in the Northland, Tristan is of Te Rarawa descent, and graduated in 2014 from the New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts institute.

With his diploma in traditional wood carving (Whakairo Rakau), Tristan came to Tom and asked about bringing his knowledge of carving and Maori art over to tattooing.

He is now tattooing full time with Sunset, and specializes in Ta Moko, Blackwork, pattern work, geometric and dot-work tattoo styles.

Why call Sunset?

We take Health and Hygiene very seriously here at Sunset Tattoo, and our outstanding record is testament to our professionalism. Locals know they can trust us, and we’ve build up such a rock-solid reputation in Auckland that now word is spreading to the backpacking community.

The word around hostels, message boards, and along the camping trails is that Sunset Tattoo in Auckland is the place to go for a tattoo souvenir of New Zealand. Professional, clean, and experienced, you can’t go wrong with one of our designs!

Email us or pop into the studio for a chat!