Sunset Tattoo Studio is also a piercing studio!

Did you know that as well as being one of the best tattoo studios in New Zealand, Sunset is also a piercing studio?

High quality piercings

Body piercing is an age-old custom, and probably even pre-dates tattooing itself, although both practices are so ancient we’ll never know.

Piercings can be something very personal, and the reason for getting one can vary wildly from person to person.

Many people simply like the way they look, while for others it can be a transition from childhood to adulthood.

Others see piercings as a form of decoration, much like a tattoo. Popular culture also has its influence on piercings, with famous celebrities, movie stars and musicians proudly displaying their modifications.

Cultures around the world also use body modification and piercings as part of their traditions. From the Pacific Islanders to African tribes, Viking warriors to Native Americans, humans have always used piercings to show rank, note a personal achievement, or tell a story.

Nic Fletcher

Nic Fletcher is our piercer here at Sunset Tattoo. He is highly skilled and is the best in the industry at all levels of piercing from simple jobs to difficult requests.

Nic has over 25 years of experience and is running a private, appointment only studio here at the studio and will take walk-ins every Saturday. Get in touch with Nic or email us for bookings and inquiries! You can email Nik on