10 tattoos that will only real nerds will love

Back in the day only roughnecks had tattoos. Then it was the rebels, then the cool people, and now… well everyone has them. There are tattoos for every conceivable genre, topic, interest or fetish, but this week we’re going to look at the nerds and how it’s now cool to be a nerd.

These tattoos aren’t from our studio, we found them online, so full credit to the original artists.

Sci-Fi Nerds

Ok, Star Wars isn’t nerdy any more, but Star Trek still is. Although if you’re one of the original Star Wars fans, you might find a tattoo obscure enough that only you will get, like these matching couple’s tattoos.


Comic books Nerds

Once the staple of Nerdom, comic books are now cool again thanks to the Marvel movies, but for those who still go to an actual comic book store to buy the latest issues of their favourite hero, these are for you.


Book Nerds

Everyone has a favourite book, and if you don’t, you need to read more. Finding a tattoo for your personal favourite can be challenging, but once you find it, prepare for a veritable nerdgasm!


Science Nerds

Math, science, history, unravelling the mystery that all started with a big bang!


Computer Nerds

Although some might argue that these people are more computer geeks than nerds (and yes, there’s a difference), we’ve included it in this list because some of the tattoos out there referencing small yet hilarious insider and cult references are brilliant. Like these two gems.