Looking for tattoos of New Zealand? Come see us.

New Zealand is a heaven for the world’s backpackers, and traveling our wonderful country is so life-changing, many of them decide to stay.

But for those who eventually leave us, they usually want a reminder of their time here, and sometimes a fridge magnet just won’t do.

Tattoos of New Zealand are surprisingly popular with backpackers, and there is no better way to remember your time here in Aotearoa than taking some ink home to show off to jealous friends and family.

Sunset specialise in tattoos of New Zealand

If you’re interested in tattoos of New Zealand, then you should come see us here at Sunset Tattoo.

Sunset was started by Tom McMillan and his wife, well known New Zealand artist, Misery, and despite only being a few years old, Sunset Tattoo is one of the most respected tattoo studios in Auckland.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to our strict health and hygiene practices, using only the best materials and equipment. In fact, our desire to only use the best led us to create our own tattoo supply company, Tattoo Station

Backpacking is one of life’s great privileges, and there’s no where better to do it than New Zealand. Our friendly people, rich culture, and stunning landscapes are hard to beat, and any time spent here travelling Aotearoa is a time you’ll never want to forget.

If you’re backpacking here in our wonderful country and would like the perfect reminder of your adventures, call in and see us for the ultimate souvenir -  a beautiful, unique tattoo of New Zealand.

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