Piercing aftercare advice – Part 2

Nic Fletcher is our resident body piercer here at Sunset Tattoo, and following on from our previous article about piercing aftercare, we bring you Nic’s further advice in part II.

General Health when getting a piercing

When it comes to healing time, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and illness are all factors which may have an adverse effect. Try to keep yourself healthy by eating right and getting plenty of sleep. If you can’t then consider taking a multi-vitamin or supplement such as Vitamin C, E, Iron or Zinc.

Products to Avoid

Some of the cleaners traditionally recommended for piercings can be too harsh and can have an adverse effect on your piercing. We recommend you avoid the following:         

·        Hydrogen Peroxide

·        Methylated Spirits and other alcohol based cleaners

·        Tea tree oil

·        Betadine® and other iodine based cleaners

·        Dettol® (the brown stuff)

·        Listerine and other alcohol based mouthwash

·        Anything crème or oil based.

·        cake soaps such as Protex®


First rule of avoiding infections is KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF! If a piercing is infected it may display the following symptoms:

·        Hot or very itchy.

·        Redness

·        Swelling

·        Throbbing or spreading pain

·        Unusual discharge (dark yellow, green or grey)

More often than not a piercing that is playing up is NOT infected; it may just have taken a knock or may need the jewellery adjusted. If you are worried about you piercing, please feel free to give us a ring or come and see us and let us check it out. We are experienced in all aspects of piercing and have probably have an easy solution to your problem.

Come to Sunset for a piercing

If you’re interested in getting a piercing, then come on down to Sunset and see Nic. He is running a private, appointment only studio here with us and will take walk-ins every Saturday.

Get in touch with Nic or email us for bookings and inquiries! You can email Nic on nicfletcherpiercing@gmail.com