Come to Sunset for a Maori tattoo in Auckland

New Zealand is easily the best country in the world to go backpacking. It’s safe and friendly, with incredible landscapes and a fascinating native culture. It's no surprise then that we attract millions of tourists each year, with our beautiful country living long in the memory after they return home.

Some people go that extra step and bring with them a permanent reminder of New Zealand culture in the form of a Maori tattoo.

Why get a Maori tattoo

A Maori tattoo is the perfect memento of New Zealand. It's a unique part of our culture, signifies a special time in your life, and of course, it looks amazing. And that’s where we come in.

Tristan is our resident artist who specialises in Maori tattoos and Pacifica designs. Being Maori himself, and studying at the New Zealand Maori Arts & Crafts Institute, he understands the meaning, complexity and history behind genuine Maori tattoos. If you're interested in an authentic Maori tattoo in Auckland, then this is the man to talk to.

History of Maori tattoos

There are no written records before Europeans arrived in New Zealand, so it’s impossible to know when Tā Moko first started. Instead, historians have had to rely on archaeologists and the accounts of the first European settlers.

Excavated sites have found tattooing tools dating back to the very earliest settlers, using the technique of rhythmically tapping a bone chisel, lashed to a small wooden shaft into the skin.

Some of the earliest accounts of Maori tattoos were by Captain James Cook’s artist on board the Endeavour, Sydney Parkinson. Parkinson sketched and painted local Maori displaying their Moko, and described in detail the different styles and patterns he witnessed.

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If you’re backpacking or holidaying here in New Zealand and would like a stunning reminder of your time here, call in and see us for the perfect souvenir - a beautiful, unique Maori tattoo.

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Please note that some of our tattoo artists are booked up for weeks so it pays to book in advance if you have a specific date in mind that you want to be tattooed on. As for consultations, they usually take around 10-20 minutes and are free of charge. For Maori tattoo in Auckland, there's simply no one better to come to.