3 tattoo ideas that are straight out of left field

Traditional tattoos are the most common type of tattoo and have been for over 100 years. But the more we push the boundaries of what’s possible, and supplement that with advances in technology, the more creative we become. Here are three cool tattoo ideas to think about…

Your children’s drawings

Some parents put their kids’ drawings up on the fridge, but those parents obviously don’t love their children enough.

Having that drawing inked forever on your body is a recent trend in the industry, and one which is adorable by anyone’s standard.

This is an incredibly sweet tattoo, taking a snap shot of your child’s development and keeping it forever. Plus you know no one else has this design!

children tattoo.jpg

Man’s best friend

Ok, there is one thing cuter than kids – puppies.

For those of us who don’t want children (and there are a lot), pets are the most precious thing on earth. Nothing - and we mean nothing - beats the love and loyalty of a dog.

While paw print tattoos are nothing new, having your own pet’s paw inked has become a recent trend. And with our canine friends only living a few short years, it’s a perfect way to remember them after they’re gone.

dog tatto.jpg

DNA tattoos

Ok, this is a new one.

A company called Everence has created a new technology which allows someone’s DNA to be mixed in with tattoo ink.

The idea is you can carry a loved one around with you at all times, as part of yourself, for as long as you live.

One part creepy to one part cool, the DNA is purified and enclosed in microscopic capsules, protecting it from the body and keeping it in the tattoo itself.

It can be added to a new tattoo, or an old, existing one, and certainly is a unique way to be close to a loved one.