Happy Halloween! Check out these scary tattoo ideas for everyone’s favourite holiday!

It’s that time of year again when everyone likes to get dressed up and lose all inhibitions by pretending to be someone else.

Halloween is awesome, but with a Halloween themed tattoo, it can be your favourite holiday all year round!

Check out 6 of the best Halloween themed designs we found on the internet.

Pumpkin Tattoos

What’s more symbolic of Halloween than a carved pumpkin. And the beauty of it is, you can have anything you want carved into it! Scary clown, the Batman logo, your last blood pressure rating… the choice is yours!


Traditional Halloween Tattoos

The old traditional style tattoos meet Halloween imagery, creating a gorgeous little snow globe of terrifying cuteness.  Ghosts, pumpkins, a graveyard… the only thing that’s missing is Donald Trump’s hair.


Ghost Tattoos

Aww look at this little guy! If he turned up at our door we’d give him all the lollies! After shitting ourselves of course, he’s still a ghost.


This boy on the other would just get the soiled pants.


Scary tattoos

Yeah, na bro. How are you supposed to sleep with this screaming at you every night?


Halloween tattoos

Literally. Michael Myers is the embodiment of Halloween, staring in… we want to say 743 movies? Most of which have the same name. He’s still cool AF though, even if his terrifying mask is actually a William Shatner mask spray painted (true story!).

michael myers.jpg