10 couple’s tattoos for the hopeless romantics

Aww, you’ve finally found The One, and the love you have for one another can’t be expressed in words… until one day your soulmate chews a bit too loudly and you realise what a horrible mistake you’ve made.

But if you’re still in that honeymoon phase of your relationship, you might want to show the world how much you love each other by getting a couple’s tattoo, so before familiarity breeds contempt, here are ten ideas we’ve picked out for you from the depths of the interwebs.

Yin and Yang tattoos

Couple’s tattoos are all about how the two of you join together as one, and what symbolises this better than the ancient Yin and Yang symbol?


Jigsaw piece

Fitting together to make the perfect picture! It’s almost as if you were made to be together!


Special dates

It could be the day you got married, the day you first met, or the day Richie McCaw made his debut for the All Blacks (17 November 2001 against Ireland), but whatever your special date is, memorialise it with a tattoo.


Lock and Key

Did your special someone open the lock to your heart? Are they the key to your happiness? Then there’s only one tattoo for you!

lock and key couple tattoos.JPG


Sometimes pieces just fit together perfectly, and other times they keep coming faster and faster, piling up until it’s too much, and then suddenly it’s game over.


Superhero tattoos

If your significant other isn’t also your superhero, then why are you even reading this article?! These tattoos are perfect for the Superman and Wonder Woman in your life – although the should both be Batman.



Music is something that unites us all, but for some lucky couples, it’s the reason they ‘re together.


Love birds

Love birds for a couple of love birds – Literally!


Disney tattoos

Take your pick here! Lady and the Tramp, Lilo and Stich, Donald and Daisy… there are plenty of options for couple’s tattoos when it comes to Disney. But by far the most popular is Mickey and Minnie!



When you complete each other, you make one another whole, and just like a quote split in two, it doesn’t make sense unless you’re together.