Getting your first tattoo? Then read this

If you have been thinking about getting your first tattoo, then we can help.

Sunset Tattoo is a professional tattoo studio in Auckland. As one of the most respected studios in the city, we pride ourselves on giving good advice, especially to people who are considering their first tattoo.

Before you go under the needle, consider the following:

Tattoos are permanent

Yes, ok, we all know that, but understanding that is something completely different. If you’re 18 and want a tattoo of your partner’s name, we would really advise you to think about it. Because let’s be honest here, statistically, you’re not going to be together in a few years. Think about what you’re doing, and truly ask yourself if you’ll be happy with this same tattoo a decade from now.

Do your research

If you’re unsure about what type tattoo you want, research it. Talk to people, and read tattoo websites and forums. Your first tattoo is a big deal, so don’t get one just for the sake of getting one.

Once you’ve decided on a design, do your research on tattoo studios. Find somewhere that is clean and reputable (like us!), with a large portfolio of work (like us!), with a friendly and supportive environment (like us!).

Aftercare is essential

The process doesn’t stop once you leave the studio. Proper aftercare is a vital part of getting your first tattoo. Without it, you could run into some serious health issues. We offer a range of creams and advice for you in the weeks following your first tattoo.

We take our profession very seriously, least of all our Health & Safety responsibilities. Getting inked in our tattoo studio in Auckland is a safe experience. We practice the highest level of hygiene and meticulously adhere to the Auckland council Health & Safety guidelines.

So if you're interested in getting your first tattoo with us, give us a call or pop into the studio for a chat.