Tattoo supplies: For tattoo artists, by tattoo artists

After years of working in the tattoo industry, we got sick of having to pay the middle man for all our supplies. That’s why we’ve started selling our own, cutting out the ‘businessman’ in the middle, and bringing high-quality tattoo supplies to the studios right here in New Zealand at reduced cost.

We are excited to announce our new range of tattoo supplies and aftercare products. Our new sister site, Tattoo Station is now up and running, bringing you unbelievable deals on high-quality tattoo products and equipment.


Botan Premium Tattoo Needles are the best possible quality tattoo needles available in New Zealand today. Developed by us right here at Sunset Tattoo, these incredible tattoo needles give the absolute best result no matter what style you are working in.


We have been running our tattoo studio completely with disposable tubes for the past few years, and during those years we have tested every disposable tattoo tube on the market that we could find. Many tubes lacked proper ink flow, felt bad to use, or would fall apart easily. After years of testing, we have found the best possible tubes, with the best ink flow and the sturdiest construction. They are simple, but they do the job better, making colours brighter, with amazing ink flow.


At Sunset, we suggest Protat Aftercare Cream. Protat are the world’s first tattoo aftercare company. By using chemists from their development team and overseas they are constantly researching new ingredients, with natural products receiving special attention.

Each Protat product has been precisely formulated with highly experienced members of the tattoo and piercing profession. New developments by Protat can only benefit the industry and enhance respect for body art practitioners everywhere. Protat Premium After Care cream has been designed to be the primary product in the Protat range. It utilises the technology of the Soothing After Care Cream with the added ingredients.

This new range of products is for tattoo artists, by tattoo artists. We know the difference between quality tattoo equipment and the cheap, nasty stuff, and we make sure you don’t get the latter.