Come to the professionals for a tattoo

Tattoos have always been part of the sub-culture, but recently they’ve moved into the wider community. In New Zealand especially, tattoos are quite prevalent, with one in three people under 30 sporting ink of some description.

But like everything in life, tattoos and piercings come with a risk. Tattoos are a great and popular form of self-expression, but anyone wanting a tattoo should always go to a professional tattoo studio. Here at Sunset Tattoo, we have all our licences in Health & Safety, so you know there’s no chance of us skipping hygiene procedures or putting you at unnecessary risk. Luckily tattoos and piercings are safer than ever, but before visiting us, you should still do your homework. If you’ve any questions about tattooing then we’ll be happy to sit down with you and have a chat.

You’ve been working on a cool design and saving up for your first tattoo, for the love of god don’t go round to your mate's. Just because he was good at art at school and bought a tattoo gun off Trade Me, doesn’t mean he knows what he’s doing! It’s unsafe and let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to be happy with his “masterpiece”.

Getting a tattoo from un-sterile equipment and inexperienced artists can put you, and the artist, at risk for life-threatening infectious diseases. Hepatitis or skin infections can be caused by certain bacteria, so make sure you come to a studio that’s professional with a good reputation. A studio with experienced and skilled tattoo artists. A studio that has a long list of satisfied customers. 

A studio like Sunset.