Meet our team of tattoo artists.

Here at Sunset Studio, we have put together a dedicated and exceptionally talented team of tattoo artists. From home-grown talent to artists from the other side of the world, everyone here has their own style and speciality, making it easy for you to find the exact tattoo you’re looking for.

Tattoo artists at Sunset

Tom McMillan

Tom McMillan opened Sunset Tattoo in 2014 after working around the world as well as in some of New Zealand's best tattoo studios. He has been tattooing for over 10 years and focuses on specializing in his own unique take on western traditional and Japanese tattoo styles. Tom switches easily between large-scale full body tattoos to palm size one-shot tattoos, and is always on the look out for new, original design challenges.

Tristan Marler

Tristan Marler is of Te Rarawa descent, from the Hokianga in the far north. He is trained in Whakairo Rakau (traditional wood carving). He has been blending his knowledge of carving and Maori art over to the art of Tattooing. Tristan is now tattooing full time, and specializes in Ta Moko, Blackwork, pattern work, geometric and dot-work tattoo styles.

Fabian Bidart

Growing up in Santiago, Chile, Fabian was initially drawn to tattoo artistry through the local music scene, and soon started working from a friend’s shop when he was still just a teenager. From working with and learning from other tattoo artists in Spain, Fabian finally settled in New Zealand in 2007 where he continues to refine his art. He specialises in western traditional tattooing.

Jacob Cross

Jacob Cross does a regular guest spot at Sunset Tattoo. He is always available for consultations. He is fast becoming one of New Zealand's best known Traditional tattoo artists. His no-nonsense, bold, bright, traditional style has it's roots firmly in American and European tattoo history.