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If you are looking for world-class, American-traditional, electric tattoos, look no further. Milky's no-nonsense, bright and bold style has it's roots firmly in American-traditional tattooing history.

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A little about Milky....

What makes you want to tattoo? What about the art form  inspires you to keep doing it?

Beside the freedom and lifestyle, I love the way a tattoo ages. As decades pass, tattoos are stripped back to their skeletal structure, and for me, that before anything dictates the initial design, this is why I gravitated towards the style I do. Knowing the image will be worn by the client for the rest of their life and striving to create something that will hold up for that period of time is an appealing challenge. Besides the constant desire to make each tattoo better than the last, my peers are the number-one drive for me to keep going, the element of (healthy) competition between one another, to creatively bounce off one another and grow. Creating something each day is rewarding. 


What styles do you like doing most and what are your biggest influences? And why?

Western traditional tattooing. Strong, bold, balls-forward tattoos that are built to last. I am heavily influenced by the founders of this style (late 1800's to early 1900's) People like Tom Berg, Bert Grimm, Bob Shaw, George Burchett, Amund Dietzel, Owen Jensen to name just a few.  These guys kind of laid down the blueprints for traditional tattooing so to speak. For me, tattooing is trying to keep that alive and hopefully contribute something to that. 

I could also go on for a long time about which of todays tattoo artists I am inspired by, but the list is long thanks to the biggest change in our industry in the last century: social media. I am constantly blown away by the abundance of talent in our industry, and am never short of people to look to for inspiration.  

How would you recommend people should go about getting a tattoo from you? And what do you think makes a good tattoo?

Slide in the DM. Haha but seriously just have a think about subject matter and placement and come in for a chat at Sunset. I’m happy to go through old reference-imagery with people and educate people on what will and won’t work as a tattoo, I always have designs ready to go for the people who want to just pick off the wall too. 

As I touched on earlier, a good tattoo is a tattoo that stands the test of time, strong lines and readable from a distance... oh and the client should like it too.