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Magali Corpas specialises in contemporary blackwork and fine line tattoos.

See more of Magali's work here: @magalicorpastattooer

A Little about Magali...

What makes you want to tattoo? What about the art form  inspires you to keep doing it?

Tattooing is my dream job, in fact it doesn’t feel like a job and that is what I value the most. The freedom, the good and creative people surrounding me it’s what inpires me the most. I could never keep up with a normal job, I’ve always felt like I didn’t belong in any other regular enviroment and with tattooing I found my tribe that really understands and supports me. It’s a great community to be a part of.

What styles do you like doing most and what are your biggest influences? And why? 

I like everything ornamental, tribal, and also fine line black and grey tattoos. My biggest influence is, apart from my peers, everything I can learn from my travels and ancient cultures. I like old forms of tattooing, and styles that would never age.

How would you recommend people should go about getting a tattoo from you? And what do you think makes a good tattoo?

People should be open minded, listen to our advice, and also leave creative freedom to the artist. They should research, get good reference together and also make sure I am the right artist for the job cause trust is primordial for me to start working with a client. I can’t read minds either so the more clear your idea is the better. A good tattoo should be kept simple, there is no need to put all your ideas or meanings into a design, meanings don’t need to be so obvious just symbolic. It also needs to be visibly clear from a distance and of course, black outlines!